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Out of all designs we have here in our collection not every Mehndi design is liked by everyone.

We came across different persons with different likes and dislikes hence not everyone like the modern, stylish or dense or full designs.

A lot of people look for very simple mehndi design which is easy to art as well as simple in look.

Having said that, in this article I am introducing you several SImple Mehndi or henna designs which are not just simple in look but also simple to do it by yourself.

Based on several design usage, I have divided this whole thing into 4 sections such as: for hand, for leg, for feet and for kids.

Simple Mehendi Design for Hand (Full, Half, Front and Back Hand)

When you wear Mehndi or henna, the most visible area is your hands. Most people use Mehndi art on hands, on several occasions or even casually and regularly.

All these mehndi designs that I am showing here starts with a simple structure and that flows into the whole hand. Based on different types of designs, I have created several categories as below.

The Dot Design or Simple Circle Mehndi or Henna Design

The first design I am going to suggest that starts with a small dot at the center of your palm or back hand or wherever you are doing it.

See the below sample Simple designs which typically starts with a small dot or a circle at the center of your hand and then it flows through the design to take a larger size.

Let me put it in a simple step by step guide on how you can draw it by yourself on your hand:

  • Choose the design that you want to make on your own hand
  • The below collection has three types of designs. One that stars with a dot in the center, 2nd that starts with a small circle in the center and third that starts with a dot but takes the spiral form and not a circle.
  • Based on your design, you start with a dot and then make a small circle around that dot.
  • Then keep adding some more circles or small circular lines.
  • Once the first design is ready at the center, keep adding similar designs adjacent to that and keep growing these designs as much you want.

Peacock Simple Mehndi or Henna Design on Hand

The next one that I am suggesting is also a simple one to design but requires a little more artistic hand and experience.

This one contains circles and curves as the previous one but here we are taking peacock design to fill our hand.

You can easily notice that these peacock designs does not look similar to the above dot and circular designs.

Most of these designs does not start from the center rather it starts from the corner of the hand. You follow the pattern, start accordingly, proceed by adding curved peacock arts and semi circular designs.

Below is a gallery of images of some more collection of simple hand mehndi designs. Select the art that you want to draw on your hand, find a center point or a corner point and then understand the base pattern of the image to get started designing by yourself.

Simple Mehndi Design for Feet

Ideally Feet mehndi design is done before the hand mehndi design if you are doing it by yourself.

But as the nature of frequency of putting mehndi or henna is more on hands than on feet or full leg, I have kept this in the position number 2.

Now coming to the topic, if you want pretty simple mehndi design for your feet you can go with one of the below design collection.

Just like the simple hand design, most of these feet design start at the center of your feet. Either you can select a circular design or triangle like straight line designs with some small floral designs at the edge.

In addition, the fingers of your feet will be designed separately here but it must complement the overall design of your feet to look good.

Take a look at the below collection of simple feet mehndi or henna designs for you.

Simple Leg Mehendi or Henna Design

The leg mehndi design is a bit more difficult to draw it by yourself because you have can never see your leg from the front, it will always look reversed.

Considering someone is there to help you, I can suggest several easy to draw Simple mehndi or henna design for leg.

Typically the full leg design is done for special days such as ring ceremony or as part of bridal mehndi design for marriage.

If you are putting hand and leg mehndi design at once, I would rather suggest you do symmetric designs that will match on hand as well as leg and look more beautiful and attractive.

Unlike the hand design where you could take a central point and get started, here with leg mehndi design, most of the time it will start with your fingers and go all the upwards.

Of course you can start a design from the center of your feet but you have to make sure the length to cover as well.

Understanding the base pattern for all these designs will help you flow through the art and will make it easier for you to draw.

Below is a collection of almost 25 simple leg mehndi or henna designs hope you will like it.

Simple Designs of Mehndi or Henna for Kids

Based on the length and coverage I have marked this as of kids but you as a teen or adult can also use these designs for yourself.

These designs typically follow the center dot or circular design or floral designs.

By look and placing, these are made for casual wearing and may not go well with a special occasion or cultural events.

Take a look at the below collection of 45 plus simple mehndi design for kids or casual occasions or daily usage wearings.

Tips and Tricks of Simple Mehendi Designing

Simple in this mehndi design technique refers to two things: one is simple to draw and the second is simple in look.

I have gathered more than 100 images of both simple in look yet design.

As I have already mentioned in previous sections that, all these simple mehndi art designs start with a base pattern or a location on your hand, feet or leg.

Most of the simple hand and feet designs start from the center with a dot or a circle and it expands to take more bigger circular or peacock designs or floral designs.

The finger of hand and feet follow the same design but often put at the end of the main design.

Also, if you understand the base pattern of a design and draw the curved or straight lines then it will be easier for you to draw the whole design.

Always remember to catch the start point and then expand it slowly. Simple mehndi design is always a step by step process and never go hurry for anything. If you are late for something else, rather you do the art later.


Mehndi design art always complements girls and ladies no matter which design you wear. Typically simple mehndi design art or patterns are made for casual occasions or daily usage.

Always remember that you are more beautiful than the mehndi or Henna. Mehndi helps you enhance your own beauty. Keep smiling always.


What is Mehndi or Henna?

Mehndi is a herbal thing which comes from a herb whose name is Lawsonia Inermis (Mehndi or Henna plant). The leaf of this plant is dried and made powder out of it. This powder is mixed with oil, water to make it viscous fluid known actually as Mehndi which when applied on skin, leaves color.

What is Simple Mehndi Design?

Simple in this mehndi design technique refers to two things here: one is simple to draw and the second is simple in look.

What are different types of Simple mehendi Designs?

There is no common differentiation anywhere but I have made a collection based on the name, usage as following: Simple hand mehndi design, Simple feet mehndi design, Simple leg mehndi design and Simple mehndi design for kids.

How to select which simple mehndi design to choose?

If you are drawing it yourself then based your own expertise level you choose the pattern and get started. If you are taking help of someone then you can ask them to choose the correct simple henna design for you.

How to draw simple mehndi design?

Most of the simple mehndi or henna designs start the the center of your hand or feet with a dot or a circle. Then keep a circle around that dot and move on with smaller curls over the circle on go on expanding these designs to fill your hand, feet or leg.

Where to find Simple Mehandi designs for free?

Visit to get 100+ Simple Mehndi designs for free. We have several Simple mehandi design collections for various occasions.

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