Full Hand Mehndi Design

Mehndi design is wore for several reasons such as: casually on a daily basis or for special events. Full hand mehndi is the one which is mostly used on special events, festivals or occasions.

Selecting the best full hand mehndi design for your special event is as difficult as finding the unique saree. I cannot help you in selecting a saree but for sure I will help you getting the best mehndi for you right now.

Full hand means starting from fingers till the elbow. Of course you would not do that everyday, do you?

The time it will consume and the gorgeous look it will give you will not be appreciated everyday if you do this daily, isn’t it?

And of course it is completely worthy when you have a special event and you want to look special among everyone out there to spend this much of time to have a hand full of mehndi design.

To keep it easier for you, I have divided this whole thing into 5 sub-categories as below:

  1. Modern design
  2. Stylish design
  3. Full hand Bridal
  4. Back full hand
  5. Simple
  6. Arabic

I have created individual detailed collections for all above different types of designs. In this collection I will keep all these designs at one place and give you all the links to the individual posts as well.

Let’s get started!

1. Modern Full Hand Mehndi Design

The same old designs have been running for ages and it never gets old in terms of Mehndi Design. But still with respect to time we see new ideas from all the new artists and that’s where innovation comes to create modern designs.

Having said that, the modern full hand mehndi design means it has the modern blend of art with the traditional art or it may bring completely new art designs.

Let’s look at some of the top collections.

This is one perfect example of a modern full hand design which does not follow the typical symmetrical design.

Of course the overall design looks symmetric but the modern blend of adding an elephant on one hand and a unique lotus flower design adds more beauty to the whole design.

Even, in between the Ganesha design on one hand and the knot design on the other hand.

The tiny details that makes the designs modern that’s all. Rest, the whole design follows bold look to highlight the main attractions rest everything is design with thin color.

Peacock Design

Take a look at the below design which includes traditional art props such as the peacock, flowers etc. but the whole design idea is completely new.

It just does not contains lines and curves rather this has some thoughtful art of the peacock feathers, a bell, etc.

The thick bold designs at the borders of art components, and thin mehndi color to clearly distinguish the whole art and give a definitive look.

swan and Elephant Design

This also has a similar design concept of having bold art to highlight the main characters on the art and thin color on the non essential or supporting parts.

But look at the finger design and the whole palm which has inverted design where the art that you see if on the free space and rest all is covered with mehndi.

Lotus Bridal Design

2. Stylish Full Hand Mehndi Design

How do you define style? Well, the definition is different for defferent people but one thing in common is that Style means unique, different than others.

Through art or mehndi design you tell your personality. Style is one such quotient of your personality that must come out on your special day with this stylish mehndi on your hands.

Some of the stylish front hand mehndi designs can also be treated like modern because of the blending of art and the modern artistic designs added by the artist.

Because we are talking on full hand mehndi design which you are going to put it for a very special occasion, I going to cover the most stylish designs here.

This has a mix design along with some open spaces between all those parallel arts that covers the whole hand.

stylish mehndi design full hand

This below sample shows a bold character or personality from the mehndi design.

Not everyone wears a net design cloth. Only the bold and confident wears such designs. The criss cross design definitely reflects like the netted garment design which only the confident modern lady wears it.

The net design and well as the lotus design in combination gives this whole full hand mehndi art the stylish look that you are looking for.

modern stylish full hand

Modern art is far from what we know as art. But nevertheless the below sample surely marks its own style and contains several out of the box thinking designs.

The overall symmetric design and parallel arts including the bold borders and dotted light shades makes it look stylish.

stylish full hand 2

The next one has a step design with so many teeny tiny curls, curves, stars, mandala arts, lotus design and many more.

Because of its patientful and precision art, this will never go un-noticed by the one who sees it on your hand.

The front hand or the palm has bold bordered lotus along with some squares filled with perfectly crafted dots or lines which is definitely appreciated.

Step Design

3. Bridal Full Hand Mehndi Design

The mehndi that is wore by a bride is usually called as bridal mehndi design.

Mostly the bride wears it all over the hands so it is called as full hand bridal mehndi design.

Till now whatever I have covered are all falls under this name only but just to make this a different section, I have added several bride and groom arts here.

IN addition, a bridal mehndi design pattern also contains shehnai, palki, elephant or hathi drawings, or starting letters of the names of the bride and groom etc.

Look at the below sample images for an idea.

Palinki Design

This one looks to be a much cleaner design which contains Radha Krishna and Ram Sita arts along with a king and a queen art at the end of the design.

Radha Krishna Design

This is again a different design which contains the art of the groom on a horse and other similar designs.

Apply Sindoor Design

4. Back Full Hand Mehndi Design

Front hand art is visible to the self so we know what design looks good, But equally the back hand design also matters as that is the design visible to others.

Once you have selected and designed for the front hand make sure you also do a similar design that adds symmetry as well as complements the front hand design.

Every design I have added here are all in the perspective of a bride who is wearing it for her own marriage.

Having said that, let’s get started with the full back hand mehndi design ideas.

The core design of this one is the inverted art on the back of the palm. In mehndi design we do art for example of a flower.

But if you see the below design, it does not draw the flower rather it fills the outer part of the flower and the left over space naturally becomes the flower.

This is the punch art of the whole design. In addition, this design also contains some Moroccan mehndi design which comprises of geometrical spaces, lines, squares etc.

This again a unique back full hand mehndi design art made with nitty gritty perfection and patience.

This kind of work is always appreciated and needs more patience to do.

This is an example of non-symmetric full hand back hand mehndi art which is quite difficult to do because the artist has to create a new art on both the hands.

5. Simple Full Hand

Everything that I have added here is from marriage events only. Even if I am going to add simple designs here it must look gorgeous that will make you look beautiful and different on the occasion.

Having said, let’s take a look at some of the simple full hand mehndi design for marriage or any special function.

The first one I included is as below. This has only spiral curves and external to that it has leaf or flower petals.

This is simple in drawing as well as in look.

This one is simple in look also in design but needs a little more attention to observe the whole design.

The whole design comprises of flowers, spirals, circles and dots.

Below is also an example of simple mehndi for full hand but looks more dense which is a little contrary to the other two designs which had ample amount of free space in it.

If you like more dense look then you can go for this otherwise the above will be suitable for you.

This one gives you more traditional and simple look with more open space on the overall design.

This includes more circular mandala art and will be much easier to art as well.

6. Arabic Full Hand

Arabic mehndi designs are also simple to draw and simple in look. If you like the arabic design the most then I have a few samples which may be appropriate for your special function.

All of the designs include typical arabic structures which has spirals, circles, semi circles, etc.


Full hand mehndi design art requires more time to do and expert artist to draw it on your hand.

Having this design on your own special function or some close relative’s function, you can always afford to spend that much of patience anyway.

Select the best full hand mehndi design for you that suits your personality and as always keep smiling.

I wish you all the best for your special day. Even if it not your special day, my positive vibes are always with you to make this art a beautiful one which will make your day.


What is Mehndi or Henna?

Mehndi is a herbal thing which comes from a herb whose name is Lawsonia Inermis (Mehndi or Henna plant). The leaf of this plant is dried and made powder out of it. This powder is mixed with oil, water to make it viscous fluid known actually as Mehndi which when applied on skin, leaves color.

What is full hand Mehndi Design?

As the name goes, the mehndi design that we apply on our whole hand is known as full hand mehndi design which is typically done on marriage or any special events.

What are different types of Full hand mehendi Designs?

Based on the usage I have made several categories as following: modern, stylish, bridal, front full hand, back hand, simple and arabic full hand mehndi design.

How to select which full hand mehndi design to choose?

If you are drawing it yourself then based your own expertise level you choose the pattern and get started. If you are taking help of someone then you can ask them to choose any front hand henna design for you.

How to draw mehndi design on full hand?

Most of the mehndi or henna designs start the the center of your hand with a dot or a circle. If not, it would start from one of the corner of your palm. So, start with a circle around that dot and move on with smaller curls over the circle on go on expanding these designs to fill your hand.

Where to find Full hand Mehandi designs for free?

Visit mehndidesign.co to get 70+ full hand Mehndi designs from various categories for free. We have several full hand mehandi design collections for various occasions.

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