Foot Mehndi Design – Simple and Easy Ideas

Unlike some of the common and frequently used mehndi art such as front hand mehndi design, the foot mehndi design is not used casualy for mehendi or henna art.

But this is one of my favorite because of its simple and minimalist design. Unlike full leg mehndi design which is typically art on a bride as part of bridal mehndi design, this does not cover the whole leg and sometimes not even the complete feet.

Even, nobody just does the foot mehendi design alone rather it goes with a complementing hand mehndi design as well.

Foot mehndi art can be used on various occasions like a special one but not that big, such as your own ring ceremony, someone else’s special event who is close to you or on religious events such as Eid, Bhai dooj, Teej etc.

Also, based on on skin tone and various other factors you can choose the color to put on your feet then you can select any one of the design from below mentioned categories.

Now, let me take you to some real life designs which you may like to do it by yourself.

Simple foot Mehendi Design

Considering the above points, there are various types of mehndi design you can put on your feet.

Look at the below design which is the simplest foot design yet a gorgeous one I have ever seen and is one of my favorite.

Stem, petals and rose flower design on fingers. The toe has very thoughtfully designed two crossed stems and two roses.

At the middle of the foot there is a dense or thick circular design and on the periphery alternate designs of petals and half flowers.

Such a simple and beautiful foot design one can put on any occasion.

This one is also a very small and neat in design and easy to apply on your foot by yourself.

This one is also minimal in design and a little bit more than the previous one. This contains ring design on the fingers, some floral design above the rings with leaf structures to complement only above the toe.

Also, notice that the flower design made on toe is larger than all other fingers. Just a minute detail that needs to be taken care if you are doing this exact design.

The below one is also a very simple and easy foot mehndi design with symmetrical or complementing hand mehndi design.

Fingers have thick mehndi art that ends with a geometrical trinagular shape. On top of that angular lines then simple lines making similar angular structure.

Above that just petal designs to end the art. Similar pattern goes for the hand design as well.

simple foot mehndi design

Below is an image gallery of more than 25 all simple foot mehndi designs for you. You can choose any one of this, understand the pattern and start doing it by yourself.

You can choose a more glorious one from this section or the below categories if someone else is putting the art on your foot.

Anklet Foot Mehendi Design

If you wish for the most minimalist foot design then you can go for the anklet foot mehndi designs. Well, honestly this cannot be called as foot design rather anklet design is more appropriate for this.

Apart from naming conventions, you can just use this in place of foot henna art if you wish very minimal design for an occasion.

Lower Feet Mehendi Design

Lower foot design are drawn under the foot. This is a very uncommon way of putting mehndi art in this location because this is not visible to others while you are carrying your day to day activities.

Along with foot design, sometimes people also art this lower foot design to complement the whole art.

Typical lower foot mehndi designs are simple in design but covers the whole lower foot.

You can choose any of these art, understand the pattern and draw it by yourself or you can take help to put it on your lower foot.

Side Feet Mehendi Design

The side foot mehndi design goes only on the sides of your foot and nothing else. Not even the fingers or any part of the foot is designed.

Of course you can blend or mix and match any art to cover your fingers and side foot as well, there is no restrictions.

A simplest form of side foot mehndi design is as below. Curvy lines as the core connecting line, then covering the whole line with symmetrical designs of leaf petals and flower designs.

Below is a similar foot design like the above, but the only difference is that this design uses thick flower and leaf designs that looks little more dense and even more beautiful than the earlier one.

In addition this has also added the anklet design of a combination of dotted line and dotted semi circulars to complement the side foot mehndi design.

Most of the side foot mehndi art are made of curved lines, flower petals, leafs, dots etc. Geometrical shapes are not much used here and might not complement to the art. If you wish you can try it and see how does that go on your feet.

Look at the below gallery that has some 15+ more designs for your side foot. Select the one which you like the most. understand the pattern, and start making it yourself.

How to Deisng Mehndi art on Foot

Most of the foot design are simple in look and art which you can do it by yourself without taking anyone’s help.

Typical design goes with fingers and mid foot. Along with fingers, you can also extend your art to cover ankle and/or side of the feet.

As for the patterns, most of the design are done with the help of flowers, big roses, curved lines, dots and leafs. Geometrical design is not common but you can try to see how it looks on your feet.


Foot mehndi design always goes with simple and minimalist art. There are different categories as per the parts of the feet such as fingers, middle of foot, sides and ankle.

Mix and match, experiment to know what is the art that you like the most and what’s that gets the most complements from other people.

In the end, last but not the least, remember that you are always beautiful with or without mehendi or henna.

Keep smiling always.

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