Easy Mehndi Design for Kids

Till now we have already covered Cute Mehndi design for kids and the Simple mehndi designs for kids which also has some easier mehndi arts to do.

In this episode of easy mehndi design for kids we are giving you all the easy mehndi arts which you can do it by yourself without any hassle.

First of all you have to understand by default most of the kids mehndi design are easy because kids have a smaller hand in comparison because of which you need to art only a small amount.

The difficult part while putting mehndi on kids is that their patience and motion. Kids are known to have fickle mind because of which it might get difficult for you as the artist.

If you can bring that in control you are good to go with any design.

Let’s start with some of the easiest designs for kids.

What’s in there in the below picture? Literally a dinosaur and just Dino written in text. Yes, kids are simply happy with just with this and it is easy to draw.

For younger kids you can plan to art any cartoon character like the Doraemon or the Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry or anything that your kid likes.

Making the drawing is pretty easy once you understand the starting point and the base pattern.

If you have a little older kid who understands emojis, the next one will be a good idea to draw it on her.

This one is pretty easy to draw which only contains circles and curves on the boundary of the circle. Inside the circle you draw the emoji facials.

In addition, you can add some more thread like art joining some of the circles, or just some straight or curved lines etc.

Well, this one is also based on emoji but comes with a little bit different design.

This one is also easy to art in comparison to the previous one but it has some more curves, straight lines, dots etc.

In fact this one looks more cute than the previous one but the only thing is that this may require more time.

This is a generic easy mehndi design which can also be applied on kids hands. This is a simple drawing which starts with a circle in the center and extends to a bigger circle and some more floral petals around it that’s all.

The below one an easy mehndi design for little older kids which does not have any cartoon or emoji or any animal art etc. rather it has typical mandala art design which we use for elders.

Because of the minimal design it will perfectly on your kids hand and she will definitely love it.

Start from the center circle and then extend it to bigger circles, then add the spiral designs, leaf designs etc.

Unicorn as a concept is quite famous on the elder kids which you can plan to draw on your kids hands as well.

This one is quote easy if you start from the unicorn design at the center of the hand and then draw the starts and other dots on the finger.


In general it is pretty easy to put mehndi design on kids hands as they have tiny hands.

To make it even easier I have added some pretty simple mehndi designs which you can think of designing on your kid the next time.

Smileys, cartoon characters, animal arts are several easier designs to do for kids for which even they would be more happier to have.

As always be a smiling mother and teach your kids to keep smiling no matter whatever is the situation.


What is Mehndi or Henna?

Mehndi is a herbal thing which comes from a herb whose name is Lawsonia Inermis (Mehndi or Henna plant). The leaf of this plant is dried and made powder out of it. This powder is mixed with oil, water to make it viscous fluid known actually as Mehndi which when applied on skin, leaves color.

What is Easy Mehndi Design for kids?

Easy kids mehndi design is basically named after the drawability of the mehndi art. In this we use simple and easy arts of animals, cartoon characters, super heroes, unicorn etc as the base art.

What are different types of Easy kids mehendi Designs?

There is no common classification anywhere but I have made a collection based on the name, usage as following: Simple, beautiful and cute designs.

How to select which Easy mehndi design to choose for kids?

If you are drawing it yourself then based your own expertise level you choose the pattern and get started. If you are taking help of someone then you can ask them to choose any Easy henna design for your kids.

How to draw Easy mehndi design for kids?

Most of these Easy kids mehndi design have curves, circles or some other characters. Understand the base pattern and then start drawing from the bottom of the hand or from a corner.

Where to find Easy kids Mehndi design for free?

Visit mehndidesign.co to get 50+ Easy kids Mehndi design for free.

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