About Mehndi Design

Ancient traditions are never lost but with modern advancements most of the things get a new blend. I have been using mehndi or henna art since ages but things have got a little more interesting when I have started using the social media. I got to know of hundreds of new designs I never knew they existed.

This is where I thought I will start a website where I will be collecting all different Mehendi Designs for all beautiful ladies in the whole world.

I love to do art anywhere I see an opportunity. I create the best out of waste. Handicraft is my passion and that’s where born the idea of creating a dedicated space for Mehndi Design collections.

What is our Collection?

I have collected hundreds of designs from various artists for you to design whichever you like on a certain occasion. The collections include for various body parts, such as front hand, back hand etc. then design type such as, simple, stylish, modern etc.

On each of the post I have explained how to understand a design and how you can use a design to put it on your own hands.

The Women behind Mehndi Design

In the modern AI era it always feels to good and familiar to know the person who is bringing all these designs for you. This is not an AI generated site which just collects and dumps any kind of design for you.

I am a women bringing all these Mehendi Designs for all other beautiful women like me.

My name Bijayalaxmi, a proud home maker by passion and a mother of one.

I am an M.Ed and MBA qualified having worked in corporate world from almost 2 years as an HR professional.

Left the job to bring something beautiful for everyone and then created this Mehndi Design site.

Apart from Mehendi design, primarily I love to do anything art, be it handicraft, home designing, etc.


Thank You

I Thank you for visiting this About page to know more about me and explore my ideas. Keep exploring the site, as I am always adding some more designs to several collections.

Keep using Mehndi arts, feel good and spread the love around. As always, stay beautiful and keep smiling.